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Adventures fill your soul




Fishing guide greetings!

I've been fishing for nearly 25 years the Nordic waters. These years I got to know new fishing spots and beautiful landscapes, which I wish now to offer my customers. Whether you are a sport fisherman or a beginner, I promise that I will provide you with experiences that will remain in your memories.

A warm welcome to adventure!

Antti/Fishing Guide



Europe's best salmon river?

The Tornionjoki is 470 kilometers long and is the border between Finland and Sweden. Up to 100,000 salmon spawn in the Tornionjoki every year. The fishing season runs from the beginning of June to the end of August. There are several places in the river where salmon can be reached. Locals traditionally fish for salmon by rowing a boat, fly fishing from the beach and casting a lure on a snare

Bay of Bothnia National Park

In Finland or Sweden?

Fishing in the Bay of Bothnia National Park is in Finland and Sweden. State borders are not noticed here. Both countries offer stunning scenery with endless fishing spots. Even in the hard weather, there are good fishing spots in the shelters of the islands. A modern cast fishing boat can visit several places during a fishing day.


Lake Miekojärvi

Home of Finland's northernmost pike perch

Lake Miekojärvi is the Pearl of the North!

The large, deep lake has the northernmost natural pike perch stock in the world.

There are also other large predatory fish in the lake thanks to the abundant vendace stock.

By casting from a boat, it is possible to catch these predatory fish and enjoy them at the lake’s stunning rest spots, of which there are several!

Dream Arctic Char Adventure

Have you always dreamed of that big Arctic Char? I have met them on my own fishing trips in Finland, Sweden and Norway. 
I have been for several years enjoying the quiet of the kingdom of Arctic Chars. On the trip you move on sledges and sleep in Gamm / cottages, sometimes skiing if you want to go to lakes where sledding is not allowed. Contact us and we will plan a great Arctic Char Adventures together!


Fells invitation!

In summer / autumn the fells invite adventurers. Stunning scenery and nature experiences are now available. I organize guided trips to the Nordic mountain areas. The adventures are planned together with the client. Moving on a hike or boat, you decide! Sleep in tents or cottages, fish and enjoy the benefits of nature.

With a child to fish!

These memories last through life

Even when old, many remember how someone took them to fish / nature. Those experiences are worth offering to loved ones. A fishing trip with children is planned according to common wishes and resources!


Delicacies of Lapland

Would you like to go to nature to enjoy the delicacies of Lapland? It will work. We can take a boat to a quiet place and eat natural dishes according to the menu designed for you.





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